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Dear Valued Customer

I am reaching out to all of my customers (and possible future customers) who are using older or aging “legacy” telephone systems to let them know that we have excellent deals on brand new state of the art VOIP equipment. We offer very flexible leasing options that will benefit your business. Older telephone equipment is becoming more difficult to locate and because of supply and demand, parts are getting VERY expensive to buy! If you would like to talk about upgrading to a new telephone system for a low monthly cost and actually own the phone equipment at the end of the lease, please don’t hesitate to give me a call so we can discuss your needs!
Thank You,
Dan Leto – 518-452-8239 x 201

  • Conserves Capital – Frees up working capital for more productive operational uses and business opportunities. It also allows you to overcome capital budget restraints.
  • Preserves Credit Lines – Keeps bank lines of credit open for emergencies and diversifies your credit. 100% Financing No down payments are required and soft costs such as freight, installation, and tax is covered.
  • Fixed Interest Rates – Interest rates and payments are fixed to protect you against inflation or stock market volatility.
  • Tax Advantages – The sales tax can be deferred over the lease term and qualifying payments reduce tax liabilities. You should discuss these advantages with your accountant or tax advisor.
  • Flexible Payments and Terms – No money down, extended terms, flexible payments.
  • Fast Approvals – Quick credit approvals ensure that you get your telephone system fast.