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Cloud Phone Systems

What We Do

Get seamless, end-to-end optimization of your voice and data for maximum business performance.

Moving your business communications to a flexible cloud-based system has never been easier – our experts analyze your communication needs, select the best voice and data solutions, and present you with flexible options that optimize future company growth and give your teams the tools they need for success.​

Cloud PBX solutions by Letocom includes VoIP phone service, superior Internet connectivity, SIP trunking, UCaaS, CCaaS, SD-WAN, and more.

Letocom offers:

  • Local, factory trained, certified on site technical support staff.
  • Review, installation and ongoing support of all sysetms.
  • 36 years of Capital Region based service and support for companies big and small.

Benefits of VoIP

VoIP has several benefits to businesses, VoIP works by turning sound into digital voice, then communicating it through the internet.

  • Cost – Long distance calls are much cheaper
  • Portability – Using a broadband connection you can access your number from anywhere
  • Flexibility – You can use your current system, however, there are greater benefits by replacing it
  • Multi-Functional – You can do more than just voice calls, VoIP supports video conferencing which can be useful for digital business meetings

CQ Simple systems have a LIFETIME WARRANTY